What is Ingram Sendr?

Ingram Sendr is a free e-mail marketing platform that is exclusively available to Ingram customers.

What kinds of marketing can I do through Ingram Sendr?

E-mail marketing of any kind can be done through Ingram Sendr. You can announce events, send staff picks, create an e-newsletter, or advertise a promotion or sale. Ingram Sendr can also be used to push messages to all your social media networks or create a print-ready flyer to distribute by hand.

How can I sign up?

If you are an Ingram customer, please contact your sales representative and they will provide the verification to use at sign up.

What is the “Verification Code”?

The “Verification Code” is meant to ensure that only Ingram customers are able to take advantage of the Ingram Sendr platform. If you are an Ingram customer, you may request the code from your sales representative.